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Little Rock Land Use Attorney

Land use is an area of law related to the way real estate is developed and used, while zoning is the most common form of land use regulation. These issues usually involve a property owner who would like to develop or change the way the land is used, the neighboring property owners who would be affected by the development and local government seeking to regulate the use of property.

These parties have different, often competing, interests that may lead to legal disputes. Many real estate developers enlist the advice of a land use attorney early in the development process to obtain government approval for their projects and to avoid missteps that could create conflict with neighboring property owners.

Consult A Respected Attorney Known For His Experience

Attorney Stephen R. Giles is known across Arkansas for his depth and breadth of knowledge on land use issues and he is a frequent speaker on this topic, even educating other lawyers. He is also the chair of a nonlegislative commission studying landlord-tenant law. He has worked for the municipal governments that develop and apply regulations, giving him a unique perspective on how to approach these matters. This background helps him effectively represent current clients, including individuals opposing development and developers looking to promote it.

Effective And Efficient Counsel

Our comprehensive experience allows us to efficiently analyze clients' problems and determine the steps necessary to achieve their goals. Our familiarity with zoning regulations means we can advise our clients on how to operate within the rules, avoiding costly disputes with neighboring property owners and the city.

To us, protecting our clients' interests means controlling costs. We will determine a fair fee based on the issue you describe, explain that fee in an engagement letter and explain what outcome we are working to achieve for you. We will keep you informed of the status of your case throughout the project.

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If you need help with a land use, development or zoning issue, contact us at 866-588-3703 to arrange a free consultation with a Little Rock land use lawyer. Evening and weekend appointments are available by request.

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